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How to Book Tours with Us (

How to Book Tours with Us (

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Booking tours through travel agents may sound overwhelming and you might be thinking of getting fraud. Upon researching from thousands of travel agents, you have found us (A Rab-Zhe Tours & Travel company), registered under Department of Trade and Industries, Ministry of Economic Affairs. We are also recognized and authorized by Tourism Council of Bhutan, which means we are legit and authorized travel company of Bhutan.

So you have decided to book tours with us as traveling with an agent is more valuable, and we are legit and authorized tour company of Bhutan, am I right?

But you are asking “HOW?”

In this post, I am going to explain how to book tours with us or how functions. It has 7 steps.

1. Choose Tours

We offer wide ranges of tours with different themes and size of a group. Click Here to browse tours so that you can choose according to your choice, your group size and reasons to visit Bhutan. If you have planned tours in your mind already, you can send us your itinerary so that our Tour Management Team will review it and check whether you will get best out of your journey to Bhutan.

2. Contact Us

After deciding, days to stay in Bhutan, your group size, and theme of your tours, contact us through our contact page to reach out our customer care or Tour management team. And the good news is, we provide 24/7 Live chat support so that you can get the answers and responses instantly.

Contact Us Now.

3. Customize The Tours

After that, we will review your interest, group size, the theme of your tours. We make sure that, you get everything and most valuable travel experience in the Kingdom of Bhutan. This involves reviewing your preferred itinerary, meeting with Tour Management Teams and finally approved by the CEO. We might contact you in between by calling, WhatsApp or through email to ensure the tour planning is matching your preferred interest.

4. Get the detailed itinerary

In this step, you will be provided with the detailed itinerary which is been finalized by our tour managers and CEO. It includes every detail of Hotel you will be staying, Type of Transportations you will be provided, Cultural Guide Details and your entire journey details.

5. Finalize the Prices

If you are pleased with the itinerary, then we will quote the price or price quote will be already attached with the itinerary. We quote the prices at best rate and you pay only for the services we provide. We do not have any hidden fees and we believe in transparency.

6. Deposit the amount on or before 15 days of tour date

If you are satisfied with our prices and pleased with our itinerary, we will then issue the Travel Permits/VISA to you. Which will be applied by our VISA department either online or offline which can be issued only by authorized travel agents of Bhutan like us, Rab-Zhe Tours & Travels. (Terms and Conditions applied, contact us for details)

After receiving your Permits/VISA approval confirmation, you can proceed with the payments.

To maintain the trust and convenience to our valued customers, we do not accept payments directly into our account (of course you can opt for it if it is convenient for you).

What you need to do is, you need to deposit in the following details.

Account Holder Name: Druk Punjab National Bank (Druk PNB),

Bank Account Number: 1522002100031742

The above mentioned is the Branch of PNB in Bhutan. After that, you need to send us the transaction number and the amount sent. We will be able to claim the payments made by you from Druk PNB upon providing our details, making your payments secure and trustworthy.

And that’s it, you are done.

7. Welcome to the Kingdom of Bhutan

You will be received by our representative at your entry point. We ensure and our Team promises you a pleasant and comfortable journey in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

That’s the 7 steps, how works or functions.

You must be thinking, it is going to take a hell lot of time, but it won’t, I promise.

To complete all 7 steps it takes only up to 2 hours. And we take good care of it so that, our valued customers get all the answers. Your bookings with us are processed instantly.

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5 Reasons Why Indian Tourist Should Visit Bhutan With a Tour Operator

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Should I visit Bhutan with a tour operator? Or should I travel on my own?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with this questions?

Yes, I know your feelings and exactly you are at the right place. This post will help you decide and learn the advantages of visiting Bhutan with a local tour operator.

Let’s get started.

1. To Learn More

Let me ask you a question. “Why are you visiting Bhutan?”

To learn the new culture, explore the unique traditions, learn histories and know the stories behind the mystical serenities. Is that right? And who has the knowledge of all the destinations? Obviously your local tour operator.

If you are traveling to Bhutan to learn more and enhance your life skills and knowledge, then you should travel with a local tour operator. Otherwise, with the limited guide books and online resources, you won’t be learning any if you travel on your own.

2. There is no system to hire a Local Guide separately

With the above-mentioned reason to travel with a local tour operator, you must be thinking of hiring a local guide separately.

Well, I got some bad news. Unlike in India and rest of the countries, Bhutan does not have a system of hiring a local guide separately. If you want to learn more from a local guide, the only option is to visit Bhutan with a tour operator, who arranges a Local guide inclusively in your tour packages.

3. Save time

Time is money at the end, you know that already.

Yes, you can save a hell lot of time if you travel with a local tour operator.

Indian Tourist for VISA Permit approval

Just think, the time you will need to wait in queue among 10,000+ others for your permits approval (some travelers mentioned about waiting 3-4 days in a queue at 6 AM in the morning).

Not only with that, you will require time to reach Taxi parking and bus stands and to search or book to reach your destinations. And finally, you will be wasting time asking around to the people to learn about the destinations you are at. And you have to book accommodations as well.

In the other way round, if you visit Bhutan with a tour operator, your permits will be processed by the tour operator representatives. Even more, if you opt for 3-star accommodations and above, your VISA/entry permits will be processed online (which can be issued only by an authorized tour operator, and Rab-Zhe Bhutan Tours are one of them.) You don’t have to worry anything about getting permits if you travel with us. And you will have plenty of time to enjoy Mystical Bhutan.

Okay, this is getting exciting.

If you visit Bhutan with a tour operator, you don’t have to worry about transportations and accommodations. You will be received from the airport, drop to hotels, all internal sightseeing transportations, and then back to the airport at the end of the tours, it will be covered.

And, your hotel reservations will be done by us priorly confirming the tour packages by you.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the silent serenity of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

4. Hassle Free and Save Money

What do you think? Can you save money by traveling to Bhutan by your own?

Let’s imagine a scenario.

  1. You booked flight tickets which you have to pay commission for flight ticketing agent.
  2. Hire a taxi for pick up and drop to airport and for internal sight seeing, most probably you will be taking different Taxi and for each, you will be paying extra. Which adds cost to your budget for visiting Bhutan.
  3. For booking hotels, you will have to pay taxes and commission to the third party or hotel personnel themselves. Adding cost.
  4. And you need to pay fees for entry permits, entry fees for museums and monuments, everything separately.

Doesn’t it sound so complicated? And importantly you are paying extra commission, taxes, and fees in each step which adds in your budget to visit Bhutan.

But if you travel to Bhutan with a tour operator, you just have to pay the amount for the tour packages.

And most of the tour operators including us, do not charge any extra as we get the commission from Hotels, Taxis, and Airlines. You just have to pay for the services you get. So if you are thinking of traveling Bhutan on your own to save money, then you are at the wrong point.

Travel with us and leave your hassle to us. We will be arranging everything mentioned at one price.

Just grab your backpack and cameras, Save money, and Travel hassle free.

5. Support and Customer Care

If in case, you need support or help in the middle of your tour. Where and what you will do if you travel on your own? Will you get all the support and customer care? Well, if you travel with a local tour operator, your guide, your driver and your tour manager will be there to support and ask help with whatever you are in need.


Therefore, with the above-mentioned reasons, it is always wise to visit Bhutan with a tour operator. I hope this post has cleared your doubts and helped you, you are always welcomed to leave a comment below and to know further.

What are you waiting for? Come visit Bhutan with us. Check our Tours.

Chimi Lhakhang

5 Things To Do When You Are in Bhutan

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Looking for a checklist to do in Bhutan?

Oh, C’mon. Be serious! How can the magnificence of the majestic country named as a ‘heaven’ on earth by many wanderlusts ever be enough to encrypt into some limited list?

Globally, there are Seven Wonders of the World but candidly, every bit and pieces, every peaks and mountain, every streams and terrace, every blocks and region in Bhutan are the wonders.

Topographically ranging from 1500 meters above sea level and rising up to as high as 3500 meters above sea level, Bhutan has a gentle warm place towards the south-central regions to mild cold regions towards the central North. In fact, Bhutan has a wide range of agro-ecological zones where diverse faunas and floras have found a permanent home, and thus granting the country with Global’s attention as a ‘tourist hotshot.’

“Known as a tiny Himalayan country whose development is measured by ‘Gross National Happiness’, where phallus are hung, drawn and painted on the houses to ward off the evil spirits and whose 70% of the land is under forest coverage, Bhutan is a country with people strongly attached and rooted to the religious and spiritual myths.”

Well, you see, we exactly can’t list out the ‘things to do in Bhutan’. Bhutan has much more to offer to the visitors of any kind and for any purpose.

In general, as wanted by many incoming tourists, Bhutan offers;

1. Sightseeing and land marking;

Chimi Lhakhang

Bhutan has one of the most pristine environment; clean air, water, landscape and topography with mountains of various shapes and sizes blanketed with trees and flowers. Any hiking, trekking, kayaking, and rafting are possible. “Crossing over the suspension bridges are revealed to be one of the wonderful experiences” by many tourists. I bet if one is adventurous, there wouldn’t be any best place in the world than Bhutan.

2. Historical and religious monuments;

Paro Fort

Because Bhutan is deeply rooted in the religions and spiritual beliefs, exactly no home is without an altar. The majestic Fortress, Stupas, Temples, each having their own story of how it is built, why and when may sound odd yet amazing. Each of the monuments has the story dating back to some 3000 or even 5000 years back. Paro Taktshang (Tigress nest), Paro Kyichu, Punakha Dzong, Ta Dzong (National Museum, where an egg of a mule is present) are some of the ancients which are fond among both national and international visitors.

3. Social and Cultural visits;

Happiness Bhutan

With the Chilli mixed with cheese called ‘Ema Datshi’, Potato mixed with cheese called ‘Kewa Datshi’, Bhutan has a diversities of cuisines.

‘Ara’ the locally brewed wine is the ‘Cultural drink’ in many of the remote pockets.

Nationally, Gho for men and Kira for women is a formal dress but some regions have their own indigenous dressings like that of Highlanders in the North and Doyaps in the south.

Tshechus, Lochoes, Rimdros are the religious ball conducted in each region and each household to bring the harmony in all.

4. Medicinal and hot spring bathing;

Believed to cure all forms of aches and itches, the stones are heated in the fire, then soaked in the cold water to make it warm to take the bath in the wooden bathtub, Bhutan is popular for the medicinal bath called ‘Menchhu’.

Similarly, Bhutan has also several hot springs like that in Gasa, Zhemgang, Punakha, and Gelephu called ‘Tshachuu.’  Bathing in these hot springs is believed to cure all the diseases.

5. Natural Photography;

Bhutan Rich Flora Fauna

Bhutan is a host for enormous endangered Flora and Fauna. And more than 65% of the total area is covered with Forest. You can take gorgeous Natural photographs, and inspire your friends and family with it.


The list of things to do in Bhutan will go on and on, and, certainly, it will not come to an end. Bhutan is a perfect place for any kind of travelers and tourists. Be it eco-tourist, Leisure tourist, Religious tourist, Sports and Recreational tourist, Health or medicinal tourist, Business tourist, Educational tourist, Adventurous tourist or the cultural tourist, Bhutan is your best destination!

Hurry up. Ready your backpack. Bhutan awaits your visit.

By Karma Wangmo


7 things what not to expect in Bhutan

7 things what not to expect in Bhutan

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The moment you planned the trip to Bhutan,  you might have picturized your destination at the back of your mind. Bhutan is exactly how you imagined and is more than what you expect it to be. You might have already been following with the series of things you wish to do in Bhutan. Yeah, I can see the flowers blossomed in your thoughts of Bhutan that comes and go in your mind.

You were definite to visit Bhutan because you deserved the best and have the right to every happiness. I know with the growing impatience to visit Bhutan, you shall already fall for Bhutan before reaching here.

I can hear the echoes of your heart, I am here miles away yet willing to accompany and to let you know things that must be familiar before the visit, and to have a wonderful and convenient stay in Bhutan no matter how long you stay.

There are things you must not expect in Bhutan but don’t worry I will help you find the spark in the darkness.

1. Traveling

As Bhutan is mountainous country, which is known to all, we don’t have metro-stations or train services. Never the less, flight services and other public transportation services function speedily and smoothly.

Most of the iconic tourist attractions places are high up on the mountains where hiking is the only means to explore.

2. Hotels

Luxurious hotels are available mostly in Western Bhutan, not many in the Eastern Bhutan but there are few resorts all over the tourist destination places.

3. Shopping

There aren’t many showrooms and fancy shopping centers in and around yet you will greed to grab on something that you will not find else where.

Most of the shops in Bhutan don’t have access to swipe card services, it is always safe to carry your ATM card and few cash.

4. Sky diving/ Bungee jump

If you are an adventurous sporty traveler, well we don’t have sky diving, bungee jumping and so on if that is what completes your trip but we do have rock climbing, rafting and hiking obviously.

5. Cinema Theatre

If you wish to plan for a movie, we do have cinema theatres in the towns but only the local movies are screened, sometimes with or without the subtitles. But TV facilities in the rooms can still keep you entertained with every channel you prefer.

6. Festivals

Festivals in Bhutan are all considered sacred. If you are fond of unique cultures and wish to have closer look, then you must be in proper attire, Gho and Kira. That is, of course, gonna be fun to have tried wearing our national dress.

7. Dry Day

In Bhutan, if it is a dry day, it means dry day and it is on every Tuesday. No shops and people consuming alcohol is spared on Tuesday. And Friday is considered no tolerance day where policemen in the towns patrols and conduct strict checkings.

Always make sure to carry ID cards, licenses, permit card or whatever if you have that all you are good to go.