7 things what not to expect in Bhutan



7 things what not to expect in Bhutan

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The moment you planned the trip to Bhutan,  you might have picturized your destination at the back of your mind. Bhutan is exactly how you imagined and is more than what you expect it to be. You might have already been following with the series of things you wish to do in Bhutan. Yeah, I can see the flowers blossomed in your thoughts of Bhutan that comes and go in your mind.

You were definite to visit Bhutan because you deserved the best and have the right to every happiness. I know with the growing impatience to visit Bhutan, you shall already fall for Bhutan before reaching here.

I can hear the echoes of your heart, I am here miles away yet willing to accompany and to let you know things that must be familiar before the visit, and to have a wonderful and convenient stay in Bhutan no matter how long you stay.

There are things you must not expect in Bhutan but don’t worry I will help you find the spark in the darkness.

1. Traveling

As Bhutan is mountainous country, which is known to all, we don’t have metro-stations or train services. Never the less, flight services and other public transportation services function speedily and smoothly.

Most of the iconic tourist attractions places are high up on the mountains where hiking is the only means to explore.

2. Hotels

Luxurious hotels are available mostly in Western Bhutan, not many in the Eastern Bhutan but there are few resorts all over the tourist destination places.

3. Shopping

There aren’t many showrooms and fancy shopping centers in and around yet you will greed to grab on something that you will not find else where.

Most of the shops in Bhutan don’t have access to swipe card services, it is always safe to carry your ATM card and few cash.

4. Sky diving/ Bungee jump

If you are an adventurous sporty traveler, well we don’t have sky diving, bungee jumping and so on if that is what completes your trip but we do have rock climbing, rafting and hiking obviously.

5. Cinema Theatre

If you wish to plan for a movie, we do have cinema theatres in the towns but only the local movies are screened, sometimes with or without the subtitles. But TV facilities in the rooms can still keep you entertained with every channel you prefer.

6. Festivals

Festivals in Bhutan are all considered sacred. If you are fond of unique cultures and wish to have closer look, then you must be in proper attire, Gho and Kira. That is, of course, gonna be fun to have tried wearing our national dress.

7. Dry Day

In Bhutan, if it is a dry day, it means dry day and it is on every Tuesday. No shops and people consuming alcohol is spared on Tuesday. And Friday is considered no tolerance day where policemen in the towns patrols and conduct strict checkings.

Always make sure to carry ID cards, licenses, permit card or whatever if you have that all you are good to go.